About Kimberly

Los Angeles based photographer and ceramic artist, Kimberly Kirven seamlessly merges her passion for photography and ceramics into a captivating exploration of visual storytelling and tactile artistry. Born with an innate curiosity and an artistic spirit, Kimberly has cultivated a distinctive voice that resonates through her work.

With an acute eye for unique perspectives and an unwavering commitment to capturing the beauty of the Earth from behind her camera lens, Kimberly’s photographic storytelling leads the viewer on a journey that unfolds with each frame. Her lens becomes her creative partner, weaving narratives that range from the intimate to the expansive.

In tandem with her photographic pursuits, Kimberly immerses herself in the world of ceramics, where she molds and shapes clay into evocative forms. Her hands become conduits for creativity, translating her emotions and inspirations into tangible, three-dimensional expressions.

From functional vessels to sculptural pieces, Kimberly’s ceramic art carries a tactile richness that invites touch and contemplation. Each piece tells a story of its own, reflecting the artist’s keen sense of form, texture, and the inherent beauty found in imperfection – and above all else – the pleasure of fun.

Kimberly continues to push the boundaries of her creativity, evolving as both a photographer and ceramic artist through her travels and artistic studies. Her body of work serves as an invitation for audiences to embark on a visual and tactile journey, where the intersection of mediums creates a space for contemplation, connection, and a celebration of the artistic spirit.

“The nature of art is to tell a story – of your own life’s journey as an expression of creativity, through the tool of your body & mind.”Kimberly Kirven

Kimberly also writes the food and travel resource, EclecticKim.com.