Pathways of Nature: Artist Showcase at The Landing

pathways of nature
The Landing, Taproom of Eagle Rock Brewing
December 2023

In the heart of nature, amidst luminous landscapes and panoramas, one can find a profound mirror reflecting the intricate inner pathways of life. Driving on rural highways, the miles on the odometer become a metaphor for the complex journeys we navigate. Each turn of the wheel symbolizes the choices we make, the turns we take, and the unforeseen crossroads that define our existence. Just as roads transverse the terrain of Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada, so too do our lives unfold in a tapestry of experiences, relationships, and moments that shape our individual narratives. Nature becomes our gentle guide, encouraging us to embrace the beauty in transformation, acknowledging that every breathtaking sunset and changing of seasons contributes to the richness of our personal landscapes.

As a rainbow emerges after a rainstorm outside of Flagstaff, Arizona, we are reminded of the interplay between light and shadow in our own lives. Nature teaches us that, even in the darkest corners, there is beauty to be found. Marveling at the beauty of the French Alps, across Lake Geneva, reminds us of the necessary quality of perseverance against the winds of fate. Nature’s resilience to the eons of time becomes an inspiring teacher, urging us to navigate our personal winds of change with grace. In our own challenges, we have the strength to survive the mountains and turns of life. Watching undulating currents of water, we see the potential to form our own realities, carving our own legacies into the stones of time.

Nature becomes a refuge for contemplation, inviting us to shed the burdens of the everyday and find solace in the simplicity of existence. The rustle of leaves in the breeze becomes a gentle reminder to listen—to the world around us and to the quiet stirrings within. Nature’s sounds invites introspection, encouraging us to contemplate the choices we make, the footprints we leave behind, and the quiet wisdom that emerges when we slow down and listen to the heartbeat of the natural world.

This showcase of my work, at The Landing taproom – a subsidy of Eagle Rock Brewing in Burbank – was so personally rewarding. Mainly,  because it combined two of my favorite things – beer and art.

But more importantly, because it allowed other artists to have their first public showing of their work.

Forever grateful for Bennett and everyone at Eagle Rock Brewing for taking a chance on my pitch and persistence. Still funny it all started with me asking – “So, if someone wanted to display their art here, who would I talk to and what would it take?”