Feels Like Summer: Artist Showcase at The Landing

FEels Like Summer
June 2024

Summer, the season of warmth and vitality, brings with it an explosion of color and life. The days stretch longer, bathing the world in golden sunlight that enhances every hue and shade. Gardens burst into bloom, with vibrant flowers painting the landscape in a kaleidoscope of colors—rich reds, brilliant yellows, deep purples, and soft pinks. Trees are adorned with lush, green foliage, providing a verdant canopy that offers a cool respite from the sun’s intense rays. The clear, blue skies often dotted with fluffy, white clouds create a perfect backdrop for the natural splendor that defines this time of year.

For this particular theme of “Feels Like Summer”, not only did I pick it because of the Childish Gambino song, but mainly because June 21st – the day of the official start of summer – seemed like the perfect day to cultivate creativity.

For this, I wanted to focus on two images that invoked this sensation from within me: an image of the beach through a gateway in Cefalù, on the island of Sicily, Italy –  and a captured moment of a tropical palm tree – half framing the Indian Ocean as it swayed in the gentle breeze – in Rangoli Island in the Maldives.

I also chose some visually delicious images as photos for handmade printed cards.

Personally, I’ve always loved the act of being drawn to, choosing and mailing a physical card. I think that mailing cards carries a value that digital emails often can’t match, offering a tangible and personal touch that fosters a deeper emotional connection. I hope to have a streamlined formal production with an outside manufacturer soon.

It’s a wish – but, I hope that the people that receive my cards feel the same sense of beauty and love of the Earth that I felt, crafting the cards themselves.

This event was also bittersweet, as The Landing and Eagle Rock Brewing itself, are scheduled to close at the end of July 2024.

But wow, what a ride.

It was absolutely the best artist showcase we had.

For some artists, it was their first time exhibiting their work to the general public, ever. For that, the sheer act of vulnerability, it was an absolute honor to watch them effortlessly make sales.

I remember I walked by Alyssa twice and told her that I was so proud of her. Her husband told me that having a deadline of the show to focus on helped her focus, expand and create masterful work. Honestly, she created a beautiful cohesive collection of objects that made my heart smile. I was so happy to cheer her on as she made sale after sale.

It was also so nice to be surprised by the friends of mine that were able to show up. As always, it was great to sell some items. But really, I felt honored to be the connecting piece for artists to find their patrons.

I had a brilliantly deep conversation with Janisse about how art – specifically ceramic art – creates connection and community. In crafting, molding and shaping clay during hand building, the artist places so much intense directed focus, energy and time into shaping and molding  that they can’t help but part of themselves into the piece. It is this raw, empowered, creativity that gives birth to something beyond the artist.

Honestly, that conversation was the one time I wished I had a podcast that discussed creativity, the creative process and the psychology of art as a method of how societies communicate and cultivate a collective history. But for now, it will live on in my memories.

“Like I said, you’re good at what you do.”


As I asked each artist for feedback, it felt really good to hear how happy they were and how lovely they felt their experience was. And most importantly of all, everyone experienced their own value fulfillment.

At one point I was moved to tears during the event as Bennett quieted the crowd, gave a little speech, thanked me for approaching him with the idea of the artist showcases and thanked everyone for coming out and celebrating one last show before Eagle Rock Brewery heads off into the metaphoric sunset.

I’m truly in gratitude for the opportunity Bennett and the team at Eagle Rock Brewing gave – from my first “Hi! So… what would it take to showcase art here?” until this final event.

At the end, I clicked my glass of Cloud Racer Hazy IPA by All Season Brewing with Leanne’s pint of cider, I said “We did it.”

I still remember the focus and determination I had when we met at Commissary in Glendale in November 2022. I said “Let’s focus on really investing in our photography and really doing this.” And, we did.

I’m truly in gratitude for the opportunity Bennett and the team at Eagle Rock Brewing gave – from my first “Hi! So… what would it take to showcase art here?” until the final event.

Here’s to finding our next venue, and the next gathering of artistic talent and the next movement forward in creative pleasure.

Participating Artists

Kimberly Kirven

Leanne Lagoyda

Auriana Petach

Chantel Chua

Hilary DeWaay

Janisse Gracia

Caitlin Fryer

Alyssa Hill

John Gifford