Expanding Horizons: Artist Showcase at The Landing

Expanding Horizons
The Landing, Taproom of Eagle Rock Brewing
May 2024

“Expanding Horizons” is a multifaceted topic that I thought would be a brilliant touchpoint to explore for our artists showcase at The Landing.

As a photographer, I feel the paring of these two words explains an artist’s moving forward in their process.  It describes how one discovers new creative dimensions in the world around us. Each click of the shutter is an invitation to explore, to capture not just an image but a story, a moment frozen in time. It’s about pushing with – or even playing with – the concept of imagining what lies beyond the horizon. In the boundaries of our vision, regarding what we can see vs what we cannot – yet strive to know.

For this, I focused on exploring three different landscapes: an open road in Utah, a beach in Kauai and the Eastern Sierra range framing June Lake, outside of Mammoth Lakes, California.

I chose these images to explore the unique tapestry of colors, textures, and emotions that each distinct horizon invokes within the perspective viewer. Each setting tells its own tale of Earth.

Does the horizon of an open road with a double rainbow invoke hope? Of a brilliant potential of the future? Does the horizon of the ocean – of the waves crashing on a shore – invoke a feeling of emotions being temporary, yet as vast and undulating as the open water in the psyche? Does the horizon of a mountain range, paired with a lake and a scene dotted with trees, invoke a sense of grounded peace?

I strive to immerse myself in environments that allow me to connect with the deep essence of each landscape in order to communicate my feelings through the click of my shutter. Through this, I expand my own metaphoric horizon, ever pushing myself forward toward my next adventure.

I’m so honored that in this event, we were able to invite even more artists to showcase their work than the previous show, Pathways of Nature.

We had creatives display and sell ceramics, photography and motion art.

Few things in life are as personally rewarding to me as combining good beer, great food, and beautiful art together with a supportive community.